Active tunnel fire protection

Today tunnel fire protection is a top priority, so go for certainty. As an experienced market leader, we guarantee professional execution and on-time delivery.

Certainty through experience

As experts in fire protection, we can offer a wide range of references. We have in-house experience in tunnel fire protection and closely follow all recent developments so you can be certain of a professional installation.


Respect for your deadline

Finishing your extinguishing installation and completing your tunnel often happen at the same time. That’s why a timely finish is important. As the market leader, we have enough clout and flexibility in our planning. That way, we respect your deadline and ensure your extinguishing system is ready on time.


One stop shop for fire protection

Our own experienced staff design and install the fire detection and extinguishing system. We also provide regular maintenance, tests and 24/7 interventions to ensure that we are your single point of contact for the fire protection of your tunnel.

Your advantages

  • Certainty through experience
  • Respect for your deadline
  • One stop shop for fire protection


Our offer

  • Deluge
  • Foam extinguishing
  • Sprinklers
  • Fire detection
  • Maintenance & interventions

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