Discreet fire protection for your shop

Discreet and reliable. That’s how you want the fire protection in your shop or shopping centre to be. We provide inconspicuous detection and sprinklers at the right price and respect your deadline.

Competitive price

winkelsAs a one-stop shop for detection, installation and maintenance of fire protection, we operate very efficiently. We use our experience to keep the cost of your project as low as possible. This allows us to guarantee you the right price in a clear quote.


Respect for your deadline

Finishing your sprinkler installation and completing your location often happen at the same time. As the market leader, we have enough clout and flexibility in our planning. This avoids delays and ensures your shop is ready on time.


Discreet placement

Leave your fire protection in the care of specialists. We study your plans and ensure inconspicuous placement mainly using space that could not be utilised previously. The result?Discreet fire protection with maximum retention of shop space.

Your advantages

  • Competitive price
  • Respect for your deadline
  • Discreet placement


Our offer

  • Sprinklers
  • Fire detection
  • Maintenance & interventions

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