Thorough maintenance and fast interventions

Perfectly functioning fire protection offering you maximum protection. That is certainty. As an independent partner, we offer you this certainty through maintenance and interventions.

Thorough maintenance for reliability

Poor fire protection is often caused by inadequate maintenance. Don’t take any risks.

As an independent player, we have available all partsand we also maintain third-party installations. Our trained maintenance engineerdetects defects, prevents problems and assists you during the ANPI inspection.

→ reliable fire protection now and in the future
→ you protect people and goods
→ you meet the requirements set by the government and the insurance company


Fast interventions to ensure continuity

After a fire or damage to your installation, a fast intervention is necessary. Our intervention service is available 24/7 and givesfree telephone advice. If necessary, we send highly trained engineers to the site.

→ your fire protection is immediately operational again
→ you stay protected against fire constantly

Your advantages

  • Fire protection remains reliable
  • Continuity of your activities


Our offer

  • Maintenance of sprinklers and fire detection
  • Maintenance of gas and foam extinguishing
  • Weekly sprinkler test
  • Fast interventions
  • Small extensions and adjustments

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