Extinguishing gas

Gas extinguishing for sensitive areas

Extinguishing gas protects spaces that cannot be extinguished with water, such as server parks, archives or high voltage cabinets. As a one-stop shop for gas extinguishing, we offer reliable fire protection with maximum space retention.

One-stop shop for gas extinguishing

First we install a fire extinguishing centre for gas extinguishing detection and activation. We then design and place anextinguishing system with inert gas, chemical gas or water mist. As your single point of contact for gas extinguishing, we also provide maintenance and 24/7 interventions.


Reliable installation according to standards

We guarantee a qualitative installation and maintenance by our own, highly trained personnel. Your detection and gas extinguishing will meet regulations and effortlessly pass ANPI inspection to ensure that you meet the requirements set by the fire brigade and insurance companies.

Your advantages

  • One stop shop for gas extinguishing
  • Reliable installation according to standards


Our offer

    • entire extinguishing system
    • Fire detection
    • Maintenance & interventions

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