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Discreet partner in fire protection

Quality fire protection at the right price. For insurance companies, that is the road to success. As a one-stop shop for fire protection, we discreetly contribute to the best solution for your customer.

The best solution for your customer

As an independent player, we find the best solutionfor your project. Our installations meet theenforced standards (ANPI inspection) and we carry the BOSEC label. We also contribute to your efficiency so that you can offer your customer the right budget.


Optimise your project

You are looking for an expert who thinks along discreetly. We study the classification inquiry and make practical recommendations for optimisation. Furthermore, we provide your specialists with practical training in sprinkler protection.


One stop shop for active fire protection

Our own experienced staff design and install the fire detection and extinguishing system. We also provide regular maintenance and 24/7 interventions to ensure that we are your single point of contact for fire protection.

Your advantages

  • The best solution for your customer
  • Optimise your project
  • One stop shop for active fire protection


Our offer

  • Practical recommendations
  • Optimisation of the classification inquiry
  • Training in sprinkler protection

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