Building manager

Thorough maintenance and fast interventions

As building manager, you want your customers to be continuously protected against fire. This is only guaranteed by fire protection that works perfectly, so make sure to use our maintenance and intervention services.

Thorough maintenance for reliability

Inadequate maintenance leads to poor fire protection and high risk, so go for quality.

As an independent player, we have available all partsand we also maintain third-party installations. Our trained maintenance engineersdetect defects and prevent problems to ensure your fire protection stays reliable.


Fast interventions to ensure continuity

You are faced with a fire or damage to your installation? Our intervention service is available 24/7 and gives free telephone advice. If necessary, we send highly trained engineers to the site to ensure your fire protection is operational again immediately.

Your advantages

  • Fire protection remains reliable
  • Your building continues to be protected


Our offer

  • Thorough maintenance
  • Fast interventions

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